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Who do we recommend our machines to?

We will be useful to you, if
You want to boost your eatery’s portfolio.
You are considering to open an ice cream shop, however not willing to invest huge money in it.
Your are done with the scoops, and want to switch to a new and more cost-efficient type of ice cream.
You’ve got limited space, but want to open an ice cream eatery.
You prefer outstanding business opportunities, just like our offer.

If you want to expand the offer of your restaurant

Huge opportunity to expand the product range! You have nothing else to do after setting up the freezer! Guests can choose from 3 products in a self-service way via the touch screen menu system! Our automatic freezer accepts and returns several currencies and accepts credit cards!

Who is now thinking about starting an ice cream parlor, which you want to start with as little capital as possible

Favorable offer for those who are now opening a catering unit and ice cream, they also want to offer guests iced desserts. With the La-Primo soft ice cream machine, three popular products are included in the offer at the same time, and you do not need to be a confectioner or use them to operate them, as this industrial ice cream machine works in a self-service way!

You want to replace the dumpling ice cream with a new and even more economical type

Replace your dumpling ice cream counter with our more popular screw ice cream machine! A one-time investment where your guests serve themselves and the operation itself is fun, choosing the product with the help of our ice machine!

If you want to expand your product range with sorbet and iced yoghurt in addition to ice cream

Three new products at a time with one machine? Yes! The La-Primo soft ice cream machine produces frozen yoghurt, sorbet and twisted soft ice cream at the touch of a button. Simply, quickly, in the best quality. With our industrial freezer, you can re-introduce three new products!

Who has a network of catering units and wants to throw a big deal at the same time

Expand your network in all its buffets and restaurants at the same time as our La-Primo ice cream machine! We can provide several machines for networks at the same time! Ask for our offer or contact us and you will see that the turnover of all your catering units can increase at the same time, with a single investment!

Who has little space and wants an ice cream parlor

With an economical use of space with an ice cream machine that makes a quality, professional product! Sleek shape, unique look that attracts attention! Thanks to its small size, it can even be placed on the terrace in summer, so it does not take away from the guests who take a seat outside.

Who wants to offer iced dessert to their guests not only in summer

Because ice cream, a cooling dessert can be consumed not only in summer! Push out the ice cream season with our soft ice cream machine! With the La-Primo ice cream machine, you are not only introducing three new products, all of which you can offer to your guests all year round! The machine is always available, you don’t have to worry about not being able to sell the cooked ice cream and wasting the money, time and energy invested.

Who discovers the outstanding business opportunity in our offer

If you have recognized the unique opportunity offered by the La-Primo ice cream machine, look no further! Don’t let your competition hit the opportunity, you offer quality iced desserts to your guests!


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