La-Primo Ice Cream Box

If you use our machines, it’s not only the ice cream, but its production also makes your customers happy. You just have to press couple buttons on the touchpad and the chosen ice cream is ready.

With our machines, not only the ice cream, but also its preparation is a pleasure for the customers.
After entering the amount, a few keystrokes on the touch screen and the selected product is ready.

Making soft ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt

  • An ice cream machine that doesn’t just make ice cream! You can serve your guests with three popular, high-quality iced desserts with our self-service industrial ice cream machine!

Built-in touch screen

  • With our touch-screen automatic freezer, product selection is already an experience for visitors! All you have to do is find the right place for this trendy, sleek, eye-catching soft ice cream machine!

Spoon dispenser

  • Everything becomes easier with the spoon dispenser! Our professional ice cream machine with a spoon dispenser helps you make ice cream
  • Acceptance and return of forint and euro coins in several denominations
  • Easy payment! Euro or Forint, possibly a bank card? None of this is a problem with the La-Primo soft ice cream machine! Our cash machine can return it for cash payments!

Fully automatic operation

  • Thanks to the automatic operation, the industrial ice cream machine prepares the selected product at the touch of a button, it serves our guests in a matter of seconds, you have nothing to do during the service!

Elegant clean shape

  • Thanks to its shapely design, our soft ice cream machine is sure to be a small jewelry box for your buffet, bakery, restaurant or confectionery, but thanks to its compact small size, it can be placed anywhere in the guest room!

Many options

  • Several products to choose from, several payment methods either by cash or by credit card! An ingenious multifunctional industrial ice cream machine just waiting to boost your business!