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La-Primo Ice Cream Box

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Why the La-Primo automatic ice cream maker?

Chose the La-Primo soft serve ice cream makes, as it is one of the best ice cream makers on the market. It opens new dimensions in ice cream making, thanks to its fully automated system. After installing the machine in its place customer can automatically order the delicious primo ice cream.

Multifunctional automatic ice cream maker!

Sorbet, frozen yogurt and soft ice cream, all from one machine! With the help of the La-Primo Ice Cream Maker you can easily extend your product portfolio. If you already sell ice cream, the La-Primo automatic ice cream machine can help to add further products (frozen yogurt and sorbet) to your portfolio and also satisfy those that like soft ice cream more than traditional ones. If you need to free space up, you can also replace your full-sized ice cream display counter with an automatic ice cream maker.

Offer sorbet to your customers. Your success is guaranteed! Sorbet is slush style dessert made of water and fruits. The automatic ice cream maker makes it for your customers just in a few clicks.

Are you considering the introduction of the popular frozen yogurts, but you have no idea how to get started? We have the solution for you. Next to ice cream and sorbet our machine can also make frozen yogurts for you! With the La-Primo Ice Cream Maker you can introduce three brand new products to your portfolio!

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Increase your revenues with the help of the best ice cream maker on the market!

While you can introduce 3 new products the self service ice cream machine also has the advantages that

  • You can save space with it and use the saved space to introduce additional new services!
  • You will not need additional human resources. Customers can easily serve themselves through the built-in touch screen.
  • Easy, automated payment. You can locate it to places crowded by tourists, as the machine can handle card payments in up to two currencies

You can enhance customer experience by introducing three new products easily! Since you do not need additional human resources to operate the La-Primo Ice Cream Maker you can operate the machine all over the year with no fixed costs! The operating system of the touchscreen is user friendly, easy to navigate and made out of quality materials.

What type of businesses should consider using the self service ice cream machine?

As a result of its small size closely any business can afford to use the La-Primo Ice Cream Maker. Whether you run a restaurant, or a coffee shop you can easily introduce three brand new products through the automatic ice cream maker!